Leaking Wet Areas


Leaky Wet Areas are listed twice in the top ten defects for building warranty. Befor our introduction to Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membrane as a company our policy was to strip back leaky surfaces and start again this was costly and time consuming for the home owner but as we could not reply upon any product to be warranted over time for movement we could not associate our company to them.


Unit now... Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membrane is similar to a normal waterproofing that goes under the floor or walls except as its clear it can now go over the surface this means it can be fixed in one day and as we are accrediated installers means that the application is warranted not to leak with future movement for a period of 4 years at a fraction of the price of a complete removal and repair.


Leaky Deck / Balcony


The single largest problem that plagues builders, home owners and strata managers alike is decks.  


Decks are exposed to the sun there is allot of growth and contraction on a daily basis which leads to cracks and water problems this problem particuarlly occurs where the deck meets the house or if there has not been enough consideration given to expansion joints. If the leak is relatively new and there is no forseen structural damage then Clear Waterproofing Membrane can be applied which will fix the problem in a single day with no need to remove tiles, the large financial expense of complete redo or the time involved. Once we have received the go ahead an examination of the deck will be done at the time of installation and if the deck is deemed to be too damaged a quote can be provided for the complete replacement.


Leaky Showers


Leaky Showers are so common it is more uncommon to find someone who has not experiencend them 

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Watch how Clear Waterproofing Membrane is able to waterproofing a cardboard box to demonstrate how it can be of assistance to you