Helpful Hints


Everyone wants their dream bathroom but with cost usually being the limiting and practical component please review our following  suggestions. 


Bathroom Plan & Cost Savings
There is a saying that you either have time or money and so it goes..... if money is tight than you need to invest in your planning to ensure you meet your budget simply follow the below simply suggestions for success:


1.        (Essential) Make time to plan, if you can make time to plan out your bathroom renovation prior to getting a quote you will                    have the ability to keep to your original budget and time frame easily.


2.        Work out your budget that you can abslutely not exceed and make sure all the following items are included or excluded to                    ensure your budget does not unnecessarily blow out, these items will need to be onsite prior to work commencing:

Materials/Design: underfloor heating, tiles, tile design, waste grates (usually 2), grout (floor and walls)

Bathroom furniture/Fixtures: Bath, bath plug, Toilet, Vanity, Basin (double or single), Towel rails (how many and location), Toilet roll holder, Shower screen/s (for shower and bath) exhaust fan

Taps for the following: Basin/s, shower, bath

Changes to services: will all the locations of the services remain? for instance will your shower be installed in the same place it currently resides? or do you like the positioning of your lights? Depending on your setup with be weather these things can be changed and if they can it is usually very costly so only move them if absloutly necessary.

Trades: this will be handled by our team 


3.         Do you have a second bathroom and you are in no rush? If so please advise the team at time of quote and your bathroom can               be completed in an extended period of time approx 4 weeks which may provide a cost reduction for you


Additional Cost Savings


Order online, order all your bathroom needs online from sites like ebay this way you can usually get a good price comparison and check the suppliers status to ensure they are legit it will take longer to get all your items in but you can usually save over 50% on what you will pay instore for the same or similar item. Try and purchase products in Australia to reduce issues and remember all goods will need to be onsite prior to commencement of renovation.


Once your bathroom style is agreed to do not change otherwise you can be up for additional changes so be confident that you have invested the right amount of time.


Do not use tiles larger than 300 x 300mm on the floor. It is possible to lay larger tiles on the floor but these tiles required different drainage grates to ensure that water is able to escape freely. If you want larger tiles it will cost you more money.


Do not use larger tiles than 300 x 600mm on the walls. Most people think the larger the tile the easier it is to lay but this is a incorrect. All tiles have a surface area which needs to be placed against existing wall surface in renovations the wall surface is never flat and plumb and as the tiles are flat they require additional work and glue to bring the surfaces together the larger the tile the longer they take. Any tile over 300 x 600mm will be changed at an additional rate


Design - THE IN THING!


Ten years ago it was blue floors and yellow horizontal boarders, then it was grey floors and vertical boarders in the shower, shortly after that was massive amounts of moasics usually glass and very bright. The problem with following tends or fashion fashion is that it is usually outdated in 6 months.


The most luxiourious and long standing design is the use of natural stone and depending on your budget you may choose to do the whole bathroom or just the floor, with our personal best design being the floor and the back wall in natural stone and white tiles on other walls. This allows for a luxurious feeling whilst still be light, inviting and cost effective



TILE DIRECTIONS & SMALL BATHROOMS: If you have a small bathroom use large white tiles laid verticle or horiztonal on the walls. If your bathroom is long then lay the tiles vertically and if you have a high ceiling then lay the tiles vertically


Use large mirrors correctly positioned to increase the feel of your bathroom


LIMITED NATURAL LIGHT: use light tiles usually white and use the use of large mirror/s to reflect the natural light that you do have around the room, this also make the room look bigger.