Bathroom Renovations


Bathroom Renovations are the easiest way to update your home without changes to the structure of the building.


Standard Renovation Package are usually completed in 10 working days however we understand that if you only have one bathroom then time is of the essence and if your bathroom is uncomplicated than the process maybe able to be condensed into 5 days, (if you are requiring a short turn around please discuss this at time of quotation).


The process onsite will look something like this (please refer to images for understanding of what each process looks like:


1. Agree to written quote


2. Organise mutually beneficially time frame


3. Ensure all bathroom items will be instock prior to commencement


4. Demolition: Bathroom Rip Out this day consists of full removal of bathroom furniture including the walls back to exposed studs.


5. If bath is to be installed plumber would attend and install


6. Preperation: Re line walls with Villa Board patch any render (may require dry time)


7. Waterproof (may require dry time)


8. Screed sand cement bed (may require dry time)


9. Wall tiling & lay the floor tiles with fall


10. Bathroom Fit out: install all bathroom furniture including cabinet, shower screen & toilet with Plumbing & grouting.


11. Ceiling completion is applicable


12. Handover: Bathroom would be completed on this day.


Depending on your circumstances the above can be completed in as little as 5 days with an average turn around time of 10 business days.



Step 1 - Accept your written quote
Step 1 - Accept your written quote

Select a date
Select a date


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Step 1 - Accept your written quote
Step 1 - Accept your written quote